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Experts on 1031 exchanges.
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A Section 1031 exchange is a tax-free way of disposing of and acquiring investment property. The owner avoids paying income tax on the exchange and reinvests money that would have been lost in taxes in new property. By preserving and reinvesting all of your before-tax profits, you can rapidly build wealth through a Section 1031 exchange.

Pacific Realty Exchange is an expert on all aspects of 1031 exchanges.

PRE facilitates tax-free Section 1031 exchanges of real estate and other business property.

PRE is a Qualified Intermediary under IRS regulations.

PRE is owned and operated by attorneys who are national Exchange Experts.

PRE's Competitive Advantages include its low cost, expertise, outstanding service, security, reliability, documentation, knowledge and creativity.

PRE............Proficiency, Reliability, Expertise.

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